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7 March
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Not much to say. I'm Danielle. I go to Tower. I read entirely way to much. I am a comic book geek. I also like video games...

a knight's tale, acting, alice in wonderland, alone time, american eagle, ancient egypt, atlantis, audrey hepburn, babysitting, baking, bath and body works, beaches, being annoying, being lazy, black and white photography, bob the builder, boondock saints, brad pitt, caffeine, candyland, care bears, celebrity jeopardy, chevelle, chocolate chip cookies, clarissa explains it all, cocktail, coffee, comics, cookies, coyote ugly, crazy pirate mexican llama, daredevil, david the gnome, disney movies, double dare, dr. suess, drama, dreaming, empire records, europe, evanescence, even stevens, fantastic four, fight club, flip flops, flowers, frank sinatra, freaky friday, french, friends, fruit loops, fruits and veggies, full house, fuzzy slippers, gilmore girls, goldfishies, guess who?, guitar, guitar lessons, gullah gullah island, hide-and-go seek, hieroglyphics, hugging, hypochondria, ilovethe70's80'sand90s', inside jokes, italy, johnny depp, jones soda co., laughing, lilo and stitch, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, lucky charms, macmanus brothers, magic pixie dust, magic tricks, marvel comics, michael ian black, michelle branch, mittens, movies, music, musicals, pirates of the caribbean, pj's, play dough, playstation 2, poetry, polka dots, power rangers, pretty colors, princess bride, puppies, quite time, rainy days, reading, resident evil, roses, sailor moon, salute your shorts, saturday night live, saturdays, scarfs, shopping, sleeping, smiles, smoothies, snow, soundtracks, sparkles, spiderman, spongebob squarepants, spryo the dragon, stan lee, stars, steel magnolias, strawberry shortcake and friends, summer, swimming, swings, switchfoot, talking, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tennis, the avengers, the beach, the beatles, the bell jar, the fall away, the little bits, the moon, the o.c, the rain-on-the-roof sound, thunderstorms, topher grace, trading spaces, transition, traveling, tv, twisted metal, typing, urban outfitters, vice city, video games, waynes world, what would you do?, whispers, x-men, yelling