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11 March 2006 @ 10:11 pm
Benton Kentucky is a hoppin town ladies and gents.

There's a billboard out on the road that says, Save the Future, BREASTFEED. Yes, that's right, that's what it says....

We ate at Patti's tonight. Cheesesticks the size of full dinner plates. Mmmm. Our waiter, Nolan, was sweet as hell too. We're moving down here so we can marry him. I told him I never got a birthday cake for my birthday, so he brought me out a little cherry cheesecake tart with a candle in it and people sang to me. :) He's cute.

I'm going to put pictures on here when we get home. If the indian sitting in a bathtub in the restroom wasn't good enough, the GIANT GIANT Jesus in sticking out of the ground certainly deserves it's praise.

There are cows everywhere. Bison everywhere. Wild dogs everywhere. Hillbillies everywhere. At least everyone in their cars wave to you. No one knows you, but they will wave at you. It's cute.

BED TIME! Because there isn't anything to do down here. There's even a time change here. It's an hour earlier than it is at home. It's crazy... but I'm always sleepy... So, peace out kids. Have fun. God's speed. Benton loves you.

Bork and Markel out.
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Current Music: Country. Rap will get you shot down here...